Salimpour School Canada

.                                                          CANADA

Nawal is very proud to be Canada’s Premier representative of the Salimpour School of Bellydance.

Nawal has been studying the Salimpour Methods since 2008 and made her first pilgrimage to the “mothership” home studio in 2011 and has been back yearly and sometimes twice yearly since. This year she is preparing to test for Suhaila Level 4 and finish her Level 5 Master Teacher’s certification. She will be the very first in Canada to complete this massive acheivement ! Over the last 2 years Nawal has groomed and refined her teaching along side her mentor the legendary Suhaila Salimpour accumulating over 110 apprentice hours working with Suhaila directly.

Nawal is a world renowned artist who is known for genre bending presentations. While all students of the Salimpour school are schooled in Middle Eastern Heritage, Music and Cultural Sentiment, Nawal creates a new vision combining elements of doom and gothic performance art as well as be able to create an authentic middle eastern dance experience.

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