Workshops/ Intensives

Nawal is available to travel to teach in your area, here are some her specialty topics ! For Workshops already running please see our 2018 SCHEDULE

Nawal has been teaching Yoga and Bellydance for nearly a decade. Her Bellydance classes are based her rock and roll style and rooted in the Salimpour School of Bellydance and  Jamila Salimpour format vocabulary of step families and from Suhaila Salimpour technique and nomenclature.  The Jamila Salimpour format is vintage belly dance, the basis for both American classical cabaret and traditional tribal.  Nawal is Suhaila Level 3 and Jamila Level 3 certified and is working towards her teaching certificate in both formats.

She is also a  E-RYT registered yoga teacher with experience teaching anyone from children to seniors and a Fat Chance Bellydance American Tribal Style® Sister Studio® . See her biography for more information!


Rock & Roll Finger Cymbals
This can be Taught in a 1.5 or 3 hour Workshop. This workshop is for any and all style of bellydancer who want to learn how to play their finger cymbals to non-bellydance music. Part Theory and Part Practice We start learning how  Nawal Developed her Unique method of playing cymbals. We Delve in to a variety of cymbal patterns and learn how to count our cymbals, how to count music and how to count them BOTH successfully. Nawal Will then give you a variety of examples of ‘How” you could play your cymbals over a Variety of Music Genres.!!! Do you have a song you are wondering how to put Cymbals on? Bring it to the workshop! Bring Cymbals and notebook.


Missing Family Members 
A workshop designed for American Tribal Style Students looking to learn more about the Jamila Salimpour Format.  Did you Know that the Arabic Family of Steps had Arabic 1,2,3 &4?  Learn COntrasting and relevant steps to ATS. Ats was a dilution of the Jamila Salimpour Format. When Students of Jamila’s didn’t stick around and began teaching their own syllabus based on what they had learned from her it morphed slightly and has now become what we know as American Tribal Style.


West Coast Vintage 
Nawal Bring West Coast Stylization to the East. Learn some 1970’s Night Club Inspired Combinations with Finger Cymbals- Heavy Jamila Format.


Bellydance Movement as YOGA asana
Using circular movements in our yoga practice allow us a fuller experience in to our bodies and a more feminine approach to a linear practice.Using concepts from many different schools of Yoga. With focus on Pranayama (breath work) and how to use breath to


Introduction to YIN YOGA
Yin Yoga is a long-hold no stress approach to yoga. rather than focus on what you pose looks like we focus on how the pose feels. Most of the practice is done on the floor, as we want to gradually stretch the fascia and connective tissue and not the muscles- this practice is maintenance for the body and mind.

Introduction to Salimpour Format
Heard of the Salimpour Bellydance Format? This workshop will give you a brief history of WHO are the Salimpours and their Legacy in bellydance in North America.


 starts with our connection to the ground. We will make sure you are getting to know YOUR own unique foot and how to make gravity work for you in dance. Walk away feeling more powerful and grounded.