Here are some Frequently Asked Questions. I f you do not see your query here please email us at maritimetribal@gmail.com

Please arrive not too early and not too late 5 minutes before class is perfect.

What is the Salimpour Bellydance Format? (Suhaila & Jamila) 

The Salimpour Format  is recognized worldwide for producing the BEST bellydancers.

The word ‘Bellydance’ is like the word music and encompasses many different styles-  just as there are different genres in music. The Salimpour Format is a akin to musicians practicing their scales and arpeggios, no mater the style of music the musician plays they all practice the same scales for fluidity and dexterity- This is the Suhaila Salimpour Format to Bellydance- the body is mapped out in precise muscular isolation and the student learns how to develop that control. The Jamila Format is the foundation of bellydance in North America. www.salimpourschool.com

What is American Tribal Style Bellydance?

ATS or (American Tribal Style Bellydance) is a Bellydance Format that originated in San Francisco in the late 1980’s it is a melting pot of Dance forms including; Arab dances, dances of East India and Spanish Flamenco. Dancers learn a dance vocabulary of slow and fast variety and they are able to to dance together using synchronized group improvisation. Hallmarks of this style is the ‘tribe’ of dancers in formation,  serpentine arms and big skirts. www.fcbd.com

Do I Have to bare my belly or wear a skimpy outfit? No. Most Students wear comfortable clothing like yoga pants  or a long skirt and a t–‐shirt. You don’t need to wear a costume. Show up in your workout gear and lets get working.


What If I’m Not very coordinated?Unlike Other dance forms, which require acrobatic movements or highly–‐technical skills, belly dance is based on natural movements. This Means almost anyone can enjoy this class, regardless of flexibility or coordination. As You progress from week to week, you will be surprised how much more graceful you become even just walking down the street.

I’m shy. Can I Still do this? Yes! Belly Dance can be a wonderful way to meet like minded women, or An intimate personal experience. You Are encouraged to bring a friend or two along, if that helps you feel more comfortable, but remember there is no time for talking during class- you are here to have fun and get a workout!

 What If I Miss a class? We do not offer refunds for missed classes. However, You will have the opportunity to make up one missed class Just communicate with your teacher.

 Can I Pay by credit card? Of course. Just Click here to register now. You will be taken to a secure order form where you can pay for you session or Workshop.

I’m an experienced dancer, can I Just start with Level 2? Belly Dance has its own unique movement vocabulary that is unlike other dance forms. If You feel you should start at Level 2, Please mention that at your first class and we will observe you. Chances are we will recommend at least one session in Level 1 to become familiar with school formats and languaging, and then move you up quickly.